The Pumped Diabetic: What’s in a name…

Naming inanimate objects we are fond of, is a trait most of us share. It’s an odd human-thing to do; but quite a few of us name cars, bikes, houses, … and even diabetes-related paraphernalia!

So far, only two of my possessions have names: Cassius (the car; the previous one was a Volkswagen called Brutus, this one is a Seat, it’s cousin of the VW, and Cassius was Brutus’ cousin in ancient Rome) and Marianne Vos (the road bike; because it has golden handle bars, just like her bike, and someone compared me to her at a sportive [I am nothing like as fast as her, by the way!]). Both of these items are prized possessions. They are probably the most expensive items I have bought, and they are also probably the most loved ones.

Now my collection is about to expand, and I noticed quite a few people around the DOC have a name for their pump. I quite like the idea, but I’m stuck between 4, so I was wondering if people could help me out. The key pieces of info are: it’s an Animas Vibe, and it’s green.   I’m starting on saline this Tuesday (only 5 more sleeps!), with a proper start with insulin the week after! I’m not sure if I need to see and feel it first before I can decide on its name, but if you’d like to help me out, then just leave a comment or use the poll below to help me decide.

My short list is: Hulk (could be mean and deadly, but also sweet and a life-saver), Yoda (wise and awkward), Imogen (apparently means beloved one, and sounds good in Imogen the insulated insulin pump), or Elpheba (the green witch from Wicked, my favourite musical). Hopefully you can spot the green-theme ;-)


Thanks for helping me out!

Until next time,

The … Diabetic

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One response to “The Pumped Diabetic: What’s in a name…

  1. What about “Kermit”?

    My pump’s formal Sunday name is “Englebert Pumperdinck”. But, to be honest, I usually just refer to it as “The Pump”.

    My bikes also have names, the road bike is called “The Road Bike”; the mountain bike is called “The Mountain Bike”. I feel I lack imagination.


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